1911 Brown Double Carry K40018

1911 Brown Double Carry K40018 1911 Brown Double Carry K40018
1911 Brown Double Carry K40018 1911 Brown Double Carry K40018



NEW for February 2018

Based on our most popular shoulder, the K400 we set out to design a shoulder rig with a few extra features to accommodate the modern market. We hadn't released a product since 2007, why? Simple, our holster designs have stood the test of time and are still top notch holsters when compared to newer products in the industry. 

This custom made horizontal shoulder holster shares a lot of the features of the original K400. It is designed to keep the gun well balanced for retention while allowing for a quick draw when needed. 

The main extra feature of the K40018 is that when the weather gets a little warmer and shoulder carrying is no longer an option, it doubles as an outside the waistband belt holster. Simply remove your shoulder straps and use the side slots to wear on you belt. As a belt holster, it features an FBI style forward cant to allow for easier access while driving or sitting down. 

The New K40018 brings the reliability and dependability our holsters are known for and adds a small touch of modern.

This Shoulder Rig is currently only available for 1911s and Glocks, we'll be adding more firearms to the list in the weeks to come. If you order for any other gun you will receive an email informing you that the rig is not available for your gun and will be added to a waiting list for when we start making it for such firearm. 

  • Wide comfortable shoulder harness
  • Velcro belt stabilizer strap
  • Full leather lined
  • Hand molded for fit and hand finished
Price includes: 
K-40018 harness
K-40018 holster