B-70 Belt - 1.5 Ranger (B70)

B-70 Belt - 1.5 Ranger (B70)
B-70 Belt - 1.5 Ranger (B70)



Fully lined ranger belt. 1 1/2" wide belt body with sewn 1" billets. Western style design and durable construction. Attention to every detail is given.

How do I determine what belt size to order?
Due to different body types and to the fact that everyone seems to wear their rig a bit differently, we ask that you submit two separate measurement when placing your order.

First, we will need to know your jean/pant size.

Second, we will need you to take an *actual measurement at the point which you will be wearing the rig. To determine the actual measurement, you should wrap a tape measure around yourself as if it were the rig. The tape measure should be taut enough that it does not fall off your sides, but not so tight that it digs into your clothing.

If this is your first rig and require additional help in determining the belt size, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-451-9394 and we will go over the information with you.