Comfort Carry (X400)

Comfort Carry (X400)
Comfort Carry (X400)



Shown with K-400 holster and horizontal covered mag holder.

Comfort Carry - Model X400

Lightweight in design, the X-400's unique shoulder harness provides a small amount of flex so that during ordinary daily activity, the straps will move with your body. Fully adjustable, the harness can be custom fitted for your size. Soft pliable straps in an X pattern carry the pistol and mag pouch, distributing the weight across both shoulders. Designed for our K-400 shoulder holster, the X-400 system will work with any of our shoulder rig accessories.


  • Molded sight rail
  • Soft, durable leather straps
  • Double stitched at stress points
  • Gun-specific hand molding
  • Thumb-break design

Price includes:
X-400 harness
K-400 holster
Mag carrier of your choice