Old Tucson (888)

Old Tucson (888) Old Tucson (888)
Old Tucson (888) Old Tucson (888)



The Old Tucson is one of our newest rigs, but one of the oldest rigs in the West. In our search for the new holster styles to offer our customers, we found a Mexican double loop style holster and cartridge belt which was used around the turn of the century.

The Old Tucson's closed bottom and high ride design make it ideal for protecting your gun while still allowing a comfortable draw. The belt and holster are cut from choice saddle leather and are fully suede leather lined. The rig comes with twenty four hand molded bullet loops, genuine latigo leg and hammer tie downs, and a beautiful solid brass buckle.

Belt & Holster may be purchased separately.
Available for Colt and Ruger single action revolvers.