Rough Riders (1878)

Rough Riders (1878) Rough Riders (1878)
Rough Riders (1878) Rough Riders (1878)



The "Rough Riders" is patterned after a holster used by Teddy Roosevelt in his youth. While reading some biographies of President Roosevelt, we ran across a photo of him wearing a double loop holster in a crossdraw configuration. Using the photo as a reference, we made a similar holster for our 2001 catalog.

The "Rough Riders" holster is cut from 8 oz. leather and fully suede lined. Designed to be used as a crossdraw, the holster is worn butt forward on the weak hand side of the belt. Since the holster has no cant, it can be easily moved on the belt for the traditional strong side carry. Hand molded for a perfect fit, the holster comes with a latigo hammer tie down.

The belt is 3" wide and consists of twenty four bullet loops and a solid clip cornered buckle.

Finished in a hand stamped border and hand dyed, the "Rough Riders" rig is sure to be a new favorite among cowboy shooters.