Santa Fe Cross Draw (1860CD)

Santa Fe Cross Draw (1860CD)
Santa Fe Cross Draw (1860CD)



The Mexican double loop holster was predominantly used in the mid to late 1800's by Mexican vaqueros and early settlers of the Southwest. The Santa Fe is Kirkpatrick's answer to many request for an authentic version of this rig.

The Santa Fe has a three inch wide belt, twenty four hand module bullet loops and genuine latigo leg and hammer tie downs. In the tradition of the Old West, this model is finished with a hand stamped border which highlights this beautiful hand-dyed rig.

The crossdraw holster on the 1860 w/CD is made using the same quality leather you will find on all of our holster. The 20 degree angle is standard but can be modified upon request.

Belt & Holster may be purchased separately.
Available for Colt and Ruger single action revolvers and some double action revolvers.