Slim Horizontal Mag Holder

Slim Horizontal Mag Holder
Slim Horizontal Mag Holder



Finally a simple, light-weight and highly concealable way to carry your spare magazine without taking up all your pocket space. 

Designed to sit horizontally along your belt line, the Slim Magazine Holder is a simple elastic band that holds your spare magazine, tools, or other every day carry essentials close to your body in a very comfortable manner.  After analyzing the problems with other carry options, we are confident we have a superior alternative with amazing all day comfort and great retention.  Strong enough to hold your single or double stack in magazines in place, but easy enough for a smooth and quick draw with out the fine motor skills or the awkward rearranging of pulling out from your pocket.

3 pack
Choose between :

3 pack for 9mm and up or

2 pack of 9mm and up and 1 .22-.38

The Slim, because Sometimes Less Is More!