Tequila Rig (TQ02)

Tequila Rig (TQ02) Tequila Rig (TQ02)
Tequila Rig (TQ02) Tequila Rig (TQ02)



Tequila Rig - Model TQ02
Available in brown plain finish. Fits most single action revolvers
(Colt, Ruger, Uberti, Cimarron, AWA, EMF, and others).

Hand crafted using only the finest leather, the new "Tequila" rig is designed for fit form and function.

Constructed of 8 oz. American leather, all holsters are hand dyed for rich lasting color and all edges are burnished and painted for durability and beauty. Hardware is of the highest quality, from the solid brass buckle to the chicago screws. The holsters are hand molded to your revolvers for a perfect fit and the full welt design makes sure your holsters will last.


The nearly three inch wide belt is made of 9 oz. leather and is fully suede lined. Belt & Holster may be purchased separately.
Available for most popular calibers, the "Tequila" rig comes equipped with twenty four hand molded bullet loops and a solid brass buckle.