The Texan (1845)

The Texan (1845) The Texan (1845)
The Texan (1845) The Texan (1845)



A replica of a holster design used commonly in the late 1800's the "Texan" is a true piece of western history.

The T shaped crosspiece, once called the "Texas jock strap", has remained a great example of old west holster design. Constructed of premium saddle leather, the "Texan" is hand molded for a perfect fit. The belt is 2 1/4" tapering down to 1 1/2", it has twenty-four bullet loops and is fully lined. The holster has a curved open top, allowing for a faster draw, and latigo leg and hammer tie downs. Available in plain, basket weave and handtooled the "Texan" is the perfect addition to anyone's single action revolver.