Wild Bunch Rig (WBR)

Wild Bunch Rig (WBR) Wild Bunch Rig (WBR)
Wild Bunch Rig (WBR) Wild Bunch Rig (WBR)



With the growing popularity of Wild Bunch matches and after many requests for us to make a dedicated WB rig, we proudly introduce Kirkpatrick Leather’s Wild Bunch Rig. With the help of Coyote Calhoun and Long Hunter, Mike Kirkpatrick designed a gun rig that addresses the many needs of Wild Bunch Shooters.

Hand crafted one at a time, each WBR holster is hand molded around a 1911 for a perfect fit. The WBR holster rides high on the belt and is angled slightly away from the body so you get a full shooting grip when drawing your 1911. This feature eliminates the need to readjust your grip when drawing your pistol. The holster is made to fit a 2 1/4” wide belt and is available for wider belts upon requests. Fully leather lined and metal reinforced, the holster is sure to last for years and years.

Each Wild Bunch rig includes a WBR holster, a 2 1/4” ranger belt and two matching double mag holders. The newly designed WBR mag holders ride high on the belt and have a new shorter design to help you preform quick & smooth reloads. As with all of our products each mag pouch is custom made and hand molded for a perfect fit. Made of only genuine American tanned leather each pouch is hand dyed, edged, and molded. Our Ranger belt is cut from heavy 9oz. vegetable tanned leather and is fully lined. Finished with a solid brass nickel plated buckle this belt is sure to provide you with many years of service.

How do I determine what belt size to order?
Due to different body types and to the fact that everyone seems to wear their rig a bit differently, we ask that you submit two separate measurement when placing your order.

First, we will need to know your jean/pant size.

Second, we will need you to take an *actual measurement at the point which you will be wearing the rig. To determine the actual measurement, you should wrap a tape measure around yourself as if it were the rig. The tape measure should be taut enough that it does not fall off your sides, but not so tight that it digs into your clothing.

If this is your first rig and require additional help in determining the belt size, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-451-9394 and we will go over the information with you.